ntt GmbH is a german small-scale enterprise. The company focusses on the development and production of special designs associated with the domains of safety technology, access-realted technology and rope-related technology as well as the production of special cable cars.

The company was founded in 1978 by Willi Neuhaus and expanded in 1991 to ntt neuhaus trans tech GmbH. Currently the team has six employees from different business areas, so that we can serve our customers with the best during the whole process. We rely on quality work and create some of our product lines in our company. For special constructions, we work with international specialists and companies with whom we are in constant communication. Ntt neuhaus trans tech GmbH stands for exceptional developments and patents in the areas of safety, technology and rope access systems , including:

We supply more than only components and devices. ntt – we have the solution!

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