Toppas climbing tool

TOPPAS – a fully automatic, certified safety device which serves as much more than a substitute or a climbing partner, ensuring maximum safety while providing a professional training experience.

You can find the instructions, price list and other product information in the download area.

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Advantages of using TOPPAS for the climber:
  • no risk associated in case of blackout of your climbing partner
  • slowed-down descent of 1 metre per second down to the bottom or any given point
  • two non-interdependent brake systems mean more safety
Advantages of using TOPPAS for the climbing wall operator:
  • draw more “single“ climbers
  • use your climbing ground’s capacity more effectively
  • liability shifts to the manufacturer
  • relieve your staff, cut operating cost
  • large set of useful accessories

Do you have questions about TOPPAS or want to order the device? Our safety specialists will be happy to advise you.

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